Monday, February 5, 2007

Welcome to the UPA Rules Blog!

Welcome to the UPA Rules Blog- the official blog of the UPA Standing Rules Committee (SRC) and your source for rules explanations, up to date interpretations, clarifications and general discussion of the UPA Rules of Ultimate.

In January of 2007, the UPA membership voted to approve the 11th Edition of the Rules of Ultimate. This blog is designed to help Ultimate players learn and understand these rules.

As a self-officiated sport, Ultimate is unique in placing the responsibility of fair play on the players themselves. Since we are our own “referees”, it is therefore our responsibility to know the rules of the game. However, since the rules themselves are written in language that must often be somewhat convoluted in order to be precise, encompassing, and leave no loopholes, they can be difficult to read and understand. The SRC recognizes this, and is therefore taking several steps to increase “rules accessibility”.

The goal of this blog is expound on some of the trickier rules in more accessible language and by providing examples, especially for those rules that are different between the 10th and 11th editions. Various members of the SRC will post to the blog, and all players can submit comments on those postings.

In addition to the UPA Rules Blog, there is another forum for rules discussions: This is a newsgroup that was set up to collect players’ feedback on the 11th edition during the revision process, and it will continue to be actively monitored by the SRC. This group is a resource for anyone that has a question about the rules, would like an official SRC interpretation/clarification about a rule, or would like to discuss the implications of a particular rule or make suggestions for revising a rule in a future edition. Unlike the Rules Blog, the topics on the newsgroup are driven by you. The newsgroup is intended to take the place of as a forum for rules discussions, so that all such discussions can be easily found and accessed rather than being mixed in with unrelated postings.

We hope that you find these resources helpful and accessible. As always, any questions or suggestions about the rules or the rules accessibility initiative can also be directed to upa_standing_rules_chair at upa dot org.

-Peri Kurshan
SRC Chair

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